About Us

The Rocking V Ranch was established in 2022, when the Vialards decided it was time for a change of scenery. Jeff, Tina, & their son Wyatt swapped the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada for quiet, small town life in central Oklahoma.

Two of the most frequently asked questions Jeff and Tina hear is ‘Why Oklahoma?’ and ‘Why Texas Longhorns?’.

Choosing Oklahoma was easy as Tina grew up in the state and has family throughout Oklahoma and Texas. But why Longhorns? When Jeff and Tina decided to make the move they knew they wanted cattle and began researching various breeds. The Texas Longhorn was another easy choice as it is a heritage breed that reached near extinction in the early 1900’s and is still recovering. Longhorns are a hardy breed known for being heat and cold tolerant, disease resistant, ‘easy keepers’, and great mamas that can calve into their 20’s. Finally, they could not deny the beauty of a true icon of the American West.

The small herd of Texas Longhorns grew quickly from 15 to more than 50 spread across the ranch’s 90+ acres and additional leased acreage nearby. In addition to the registered Longhorns, the herd includes many Longhorn-Charolais cross calves that will supplement the Rocking V Ranch grass-fed beef program.

Regenerative ranching is important at the Rocking V as Jeff and Tina employ regenerative practices whenever and wherever possible. The herds are rotationally grazed to improve the lands and ensure cattle are receiving the widest possible diversity of plant nutrition available. Natural supplements like sea salt minerals and apple cider vinegar further support effective rumen and herd health. Cattle are never given growth stimulants, steroids, or unnecessary antibiotics or medications.